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Trump-Mueller report: 'Breakdown-level anxiety' among White House aides concerned release will out them to president He's Kevin Durant, and you're not

Trump-Mueller report: 'Breakdown-level anxiety' among White House aides concerned release will out them to presidentWhite House officials are reportedly suffering “breakdown-level” anxiety over whether the Mueller report will expose them as a source of damaging information about Donald Trump. More than a dozen current and former administration personnel cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether the Trump presidential campaign colluded with Russia, according to NBC News. The report is expected to be made public in redacted form by attorney general William Barr on Thursday, following pressure from Congress to release the findings in full. Some officials and their lawyers have allegedly asked the Justice Department to clarify if the report will make their identities obvious out of fear over Mr Trump or his allies’ reaction if it reveals they criticised the president or revealed negative information about him.“They got asked questions and told the truth, and now they’re worried the wrath will follow,” a former Trump official told NBC. One person close to the White House told NBC News there was “breakdown-level anxiety” among current and former officials who spoke with Mr Mueller’s office at the direction of the president’s legal team. The Justice Department has not specified a time and provided no insight into how much of Mr Mueller’s report will be redacted upon release on 18 April, but the president is already ramping up his attacks on those involved in the probe. “The Mueller Report, which was written by 18 Angry Democrats who also happen to be Trump Haters (and Clinton Supporters), should have focused on the people who SPIED on my 2016 Campaign, and others who fabricated the whole Russia Hoax,” Mr Trump falsely tweeted on Monday. In fact, Mr Mueller is a registered Republican and there is no suggestion his team engaged in a partisan investigation. Mr Trump on Wednesday doubled down on this claims, wrongly claiming the Russia probe was initiated by “dirty cops” and Hillary Clinton. Mr Barr, in a four-page summary to Congress last month, reported Mr Mueller had cleared Mr Trump and his campaign of colluding with Russia, but said the former FBI director had steered clear of ruling on whether the president obstructed justice. Mr Trump claimed the investigation exonerated him on both counts, something that was not true. He also pressed Mr Barr to launch an investigation into why the FBI began its probe of members of his campaign team, claiming he was the victim of an “attempted coup”.

Coming out aggressive from the opening tip, the two-time Finals MVP reminded everyone why he's the best pure scorer in the NBA.
Dozens of doctors in Appalachia charged in opioid fraud bust UNC coach Hatchell resigns after program review

Dozens of doctors in Appalachia charged in opioid fraud bustSixty people, including 31 doctors, were accused of illegally prescribing opioid drugs in exchange for cash and sexual favors in the rural, mountainous region stretching from Pennsylvania and West Virginia to Alabama and Louisiana. “The opioid epidemic is the deadliest drug crisis in American history, and Appalachia has suffered the consequences more than perhaps any other region,” Attorney General William P. Barr said in a statement.

Sylvia Hatchell has stepped down as North Carolina's women's basketball coach after an external review found she had made "racially insensitive" comments and applied "undue influence" regarding players' ability to compete through medical issues.
As police wait to arrest him, ex-Peru president kills self KD takes over with 38 points in Game 3 blowout

As police wait to arrest him, ex-Peru president kills selfLIMA, Peru (AP) — Former President Alan Garcia mortally wounded himself with a gunshot to his head Wednesday as officers waited to arrest him in a big graft probe that has put Peru's most prominent politicians behind bars and provoked a reckoning over corruption.

Warriors superstar Kevin Durant dominated the Clippers in Thursday's Game 3 win, scoring 38 points in just 29 minutes as Golden State took a 2-1 series lead.
Boeing conducts final test flight of 737 MAX with software fix Simmons torches Nets, says Dudley feud 'done'

Boeing conducts final test flight of 737 MAX with software fixBoeing has conducted a final test flight of a 737 MAX model with an updated anti-stall system prior to its certification by aviation authorities, the aerospace manufacturer said Wednesday. CEO Dennis Muilenberg tweeted a video where he said the test flight was carried out on Tuesday, adding that test pilots have completed 120 flights totaling more than 203 hours of airtime with the software fix for the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS). Investigators have zeroed in on the system as a factor behind the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes in October and in March respectively, killing nearly 350 people in total.

After Nets reserve Jared Dudley called him an "average" half-court player, Ben Simmons went off for a playoff-career-high 31 points to lead the 76ers to a Game 3 victory.
View Photos of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS Sources: St. John's, Anderson working on deal

View Photos of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS

St. John's is in negotiations with former Arkansas coach Mike Anderson for its head-coach opening, sources confirmed to ESPN.

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Why U.S. Engagement Policy Is The Correct One

Invariably, when one thinks of the efficacy of a nation’s military, the mind’s eye is drawn to the ability of that country to deliver a \"warhead onto the forehead\" of their enemies. Indeed, owing to the Pentagon’s slick packaging of the First Gulf War, modern conflict, in the American mind, became synonymous with high-tech toys, grainy videos of successful missile shots, and a quick resolution of hostilities.

Living Wages Are A Global Problem

The recent protests for an increased minimum wage are part of a larger global protest. The purpose is the same for low wage earners all over the world; increase wages to match the cost of living, and allow workers to form unions if desired and needed. The global protest has gained media attention all over the world, but critics claim that is the only accomplishment the movement will have.

Ukraine: Not What It Seems

After tense days of fighting this week, people in Ukraine are mourning the dead and celebrating the removal of President Victor Yanukovych from power. The final struggle that began on February 18, was the bloodiest endured by the protesters of Euromaidan. By February 22 the fighting was over.

In a Five to Four Decision, Voting Just Got Harder

In a five to four decision along party lines, the Supreme Court ruled on the controversial Shelby County v. Holder case. The ruling, believed by many sets the nation back decades in Civil Rights, while others see it as the fault of Congress dropping the ball on updating the act when it should have years ago.

Coup Or Civil War In Egypt

The day after new protests erupted in Egypt the military in a show of support presented an ultimatum to Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood-led government. Morsi was to step down from power and meet all of the demands of the Egyptian people, or face being removed by the military on Wednesday. As the ultimatum deadline draws closer in Egypt, Morsi refuses to leave, insisting that parliamentary elections are needed before he should be removed, and that he doesn't have permission from the United States to remove himself from power. Most recently he stated he will pay with his life to preserve the sanctity of the ballot box.


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